BB Glow seerum #21 1*5ml

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Derma Brightening Complex
What is it?

The pigments deposited on the skin brighten the skin tone. It can be applied to all skin types, it is especially used for pigmented skin such as blemishes and freckles. FDA-approved organic mineral pigments allow safe use without side effects of organic pigments. It can be used for skin with darkening complexion after removing makeup due to pigmentation, skin with accelerated pigmentation due to aging, skin with pigmentation due to aging, and skin with rough skin due to poor skin circulation. Makes skin tone even and brighter with a lighter tone than the original color. This product is safe since it uses sterile distilled water and not general purified water.

Main ingredients
•Citron stem cell
• Phosphate Stem Cell
• Niacinamide
• Adenosine
• High concentration of hyaluronic acid
• Allantoin: effects of wound healing, allergic suppression, and cell regeneration
• Acmella Extract: Improves and prevents immediate dryness of skin and thins wrinkles
• Beta carotene


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