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What is it?

Cellulosic film mask has nano immunity protein which is immune, antioxidant and antibacterial. Soothe irritating skin, improve wrinkles, improve skin life, nano peptide nutrition helps release toxins from the dermis.

Peptides, which are attracting attention as cosmetic ingredients in the 21st century, produce collagen in the body and metabolize cells.It has been recognized for its excellent anti-oxidant effect and excellent anti-wrinkle moisturizing effect. ‘Excellent wrinkle improvement effect than retinol and vitamin C’

What is the ingredient BNP ?

The BNP component added in this tablet is a kind of biological nanocomposite protein, which has the functions of antibacterial, bactericidal, anti infection, immune enhancement, allergy and skin improvement, and is the first patented technology in the world. The mask is a new concept of eco friendly biotechnology developed on the basis of biochemical reactions. It promotes the biointegration technology of DNA organic minerals by means of enzymes and antibodies. It is a new material mask for nerve cells and chemical reaction mechanisms. More importantly, the ingredients of this mask are formulated with ideal proportion of high concentration herbal extract, so that the combination of these ingredients will produce synergy to eliminate or neutralize the free radicals of skin aging. It can kill bacteria parasitized on the skin due to BNP composition, activate the function of skin natural moisturizing factor, and deliver the active ingredients of natural extract to the developing skin of allergic and infectious aging, so as to rapidly improve the skin to be clean and healthy

Efficacy/ Effect
• Fine dust toxic emission
• Exfoliation
• Skin hydration
• Improves redness

How to use
1STEP – Exfoliation / BNP Exf’oling Gel After applying the product without applying water to the face, apply a light exfoliating massage and rinse the separated keratin with lukewarm water.
2STEP – Mask Sheet Apply the mask evenly on the skin, remove it after 15 minutes, and absorb the remaining essence into the skin.
3STEP – Cream / Miracle skin Perfection Cream Gently spread over face.

Representative ingredient

  • Cooper Tripeptide-1
    • Bio Nano Protein – Anti Wrinkle
    • Betaine – promotes skin regeneration and prevents skin damage
    • Panthenol – moisture / moisturizing, inflammation relief / antiinflammatory, skin conditioning, skin protection,Skin soothing / soothing, antipruritic / itching
    • Hyaluronic acid – moisture retention, wrinkle prevention, skin care, nutrient maintenance
    • Galactomyces – Removes waste, Improves trouble and skin tone, Skin elasticity
    • Centella asiatica extract – soothes skin, regulates sebum, heals wounds and prevents inflammation


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