Gold Bio Sil Complex 10ml


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A smooth but powerful spicule peeling that can be used daily. This product is a new skin care developed with advanced nano technology for 24K gold solution. This product has an amazing delivery mechanism that accelerates cell regeneration by imparting vitality between skin cells by transmitting micro ion signals to the skin. It protects skin cells by reflecting ultraviolet rays and intensively moisturizing the skin. It contains nano-24K gold solution and complex peptides (EGF.FGF.IGF.HGF.TGF) and the natural microneedles collected from the deep sea bed are transferred to the dermis of the skin. Use this essence type to regenerate skin by applying thin layer every night for 72 hours. This is a professional skin care ampoule that provides firmness and nourishment of skin with powerful concentrated active compound of Acmella, natural botox ingredient.

Efficacy/ Effect
• Skin regeneration
• Remove old exf’oling
• Cellular stimulation

How to use
After washing the face, remove moisture from the face, use toner or essence, apply 2 ml of the product evenly to the face and pat it lightly. Oily skin – Every day, Neutral skin – twice a week, Dry skin – Once a week

 Representative ingredient
 • Pure 24K gold- skin purification/Detoxification, Skin tone improvement, Prevention of aging
• Hydroxy collagen – Remove waste, Moisturizing, Wrinkle improvement
• Hydroxy elastane – Reinforcing skin’s elasticity
• Akmola extract – Wrinkle improvement , Wrinkle relief, Antimicrobial action, Skin Oxygen Supply
• Western rose water – Skin moisturization, Moisturizing, Skin conditioning
• Chamomile water – Skin soothing , Reduced red spots
• Beta carotene – Protect skin mucous membranes and prevent various infections by helping skin grow cells, Enable skin immune function
• Aloe vera juice – Relieve skin irritation, Skin soothing


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