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Rose water and dietary sulfur (MSM) are the main components. Based on rose water, it has excellent pore convergence effect on skin. MSM calls it “Beauty Mineral”. It can promote the synthesis of collagen, improve the absorption of calcium, coenzyme, horniness, magnesium and other minerals, and extend the absorption of minerals, forming a strong skin barrier. It has special skin convergence and recovery function, can enhance the natural immunity of the skin with high bacterial activity due to skin weakness, as well as the natural immunity of the oily skin due to the weak natural immunity and resistance.

Emollient water. This product is an alcohol free emulsion containing rose water. It has strong resistance to all vulnerable skin. It is especially recommended for enhancing the sedation and immunity of acne, inflammation and allergic skin caused by resistance.

Dimask Rose Benefits

By smoothing the texture of the skin, it helps to revitalize the skin and improve blood circulation, which helps revitalize the skin. Dimask rose petals contain vitamin A which is 20 times that of tomato and vitamin C which is 17 times that of lemon. Not only does it help, but it also helps to improve rough skin and wrinkles caused by UV rays.


  • Improved elasticity
  • Detoxification
  • Depigmentation

How to use

apply to the face after cleansing,often spray on the parts that need whitening, moisturizing and drying. You can use cotton pad in the place of exfoliation

Main ingredients

  • Dimask Sap – Skin Whitening, Skin Regeneration
  • Allantoin – Alleviates skin irritation • White lotus extract- anti aging, blemish improvement
  • Organic Sulfur – Skin Whitening, Exfoliation
  • Sodium PCA – Skin Moisturizer
  • Green Tea Extract – Prevention of Pigmentation
  • Wood Oil – Skin Regeneration
  • Rosemile Oil – Moisturizing, Calm
  • Elder Berry Oil – Skin Elasticity
  • Ascorbic Acid – Relieves Pigmentation


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